Why am I getting a Checksum error after replacing the main battery?

Hello everyone I am new to this forum.

I have an HP-Laptop 17-by1036nr. I recently opened it up to change the battery and a ram stick. I also replaced the cooling paste for the CPU. Since then, I have been having CMOS checksum errors.

CMOS errors only show up when I try to turn on the computer after leaving it off overnight. If I turn off the computer and turn it on again no CMOS Checksum error appears. After every CMOS checksum error I need te reset my BIOS settings including date and time and my action keys setting (I leave everything else in default).

I have flashed a new BIOS (upgraded from version 50 to 74), thinking that it might help, but the problem is exactly the same.

Something else that might be important: Completly shutting down the computer and leaving it overnight, as mentioned, prompts the CMOS error. If I just leave the computer off for a couple of hours no CMOS prompt comes up on startup. Also, after leaving it overnight I am not able to turn on the computer from the battery I need to plug-it in to the wall socket and then turn it on. I get no response form the computer whatsoever unless I do that. This only happens once, afterwards I can normally turn the PC on and off from battery power, and the cylce repeats after leaving the computer off overnight.

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated. I have not opened the computer again after replacing the battery. Plase notice that this computer does not have an independent CMOS battery.

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Was the replacement an HP battery?

Have you run the HP diagnostics ?

Service manual:



Yes, I used an OEM battery as a replacement.


I have an update: tonight I left the power cord connected. Then I disconnected the cord and turned the computer on: no checksum error (the computer turned on as expected).

I will try again tonight.


@Ricardo De Levante Can you bypass the checksum error to continue with the boot process? When I removed the battery from my HP Pavilion, I also got a checksum error, but I was able to bypass it and it didn't show up again.


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