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Repair information and support for the Acer Aspire E15 laptop, released from Acer in 2015. Model number: E5-575-33BM.

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Won’t turn on, attempts to start can hear noise and blue light

Can hear noise and blue light when pressing power button and then after few seconds noise stops and blue light goes out then after few seconds the process will repeat. But no life in screen or any other response

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Hi Seamus,

Exactly which model of Acer Aspire E15 do you have? Is it the same has indicated in the box to the right. Look on the label on the bottom panel.


The model is E5-511-P0BM


@Seamus Mcloughlin

It could be a fan or the hard drive. We need a more detailed description.

What sort of noise is it, etc.? Is it loud or soft or what, etc.?


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The BIOS may be corrupted.

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How can I check this, and is there a solution


@Seamus Mcloughlin You can get a tool that reprograms the BIOS, or you can take it to a professional. The person can tell you whether the BIOS is actually corrupted.


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