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A2115 / 2019 / Processors from 3.0 GHz 6-core i5, up to 3.6 GHz 8-core i9. Released March 19, 2019.

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Need adhesive remover. Suggestions? Removed broken glass from LCD.

Hey everyone,

I was looking for a service that would replace just the glass on a 2019 iMac 27 inch. The glass on mine is broken but the LCD is fine. I could not find a service that does this. So, as Thanos says “I’ll do it myself.” I have the glass removed and the LCD works fine but it is covered in tons of the laminating adhesive. Its a gooey paste like stuff. Its sticky but flows, it does not peel up. So I am looking for a good safe adhesive remover for such a project. Alcohol does not work. It just smears and smears, it does not remove this stuff. Thanks!! Joe

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While I fully understand the desire to salvage the display Apple doesn’t make it easy ;-{

The cover glass is not just a plan sheet of glass it is masked off with a painted on bezel rim to hide the light leakage from the displays backlight. So while it maybe possible to cut the glass to the correct shape to fit smoothly around the edge getting the proper baked on enamel paint at the correct thickness will be tricky!

In the end we found it just too much work to hobble things back together at least we had a bad display to steal the cover glass.

And as you discovered the foam seal Apple uses makes a mess when you try cleaning it off. We never was able to clean it without leaving streaks and if you press to hard you also leave artifacts in the displays image.

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Hello from down under.

I unfortunately must say that one of your (Very limited) options is to use an ifixit spudger and slowly remove the adhesive.

I’m glad to hear that your LCD is fine so if you get a glass panel for the display it should be good to go.

BUT don’t make the same Mistake LTT did a while back where they

1: Broke the screen (Glass)

2: Shorted something out

All the best and good luck getting this repair done

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The LCD is fine. I did unfortunately peel up a little bit of the polarizing layer in one corner. It works fine but you can see it got lifted a bit. I was able to remove the bulk of the goo by using my finger and slowly roll it onto itself. It still left tons of sticky residue behind. I know which LTT video you speak of. I have done hundreds of iMac repairs / upgrades and have never once damaged a screen. Let me put it this way, no matter what LTT says about anything Apple related, do consider it mostly incorrect information. I love LTT for much of their content, none of their Apple content is worth watching, including MAC Address. They constantly make completely incorrect statements. I write them or tweet them and it seems no one is ever listening. If Anthony managed to break the screen and the logic board, he was doing something completely wrong. Again, Anthony is awesome, but that whole thing was fishy to me. This particular iMac was broken by a client who fell at a school carrying it.


Oh %#*@ alright now that i understand your background better maybe you have some sort of exclusive parts access that you can get or maybe you can use liquid adhesive and let it set.

Just curious, how do you break an imac by dropping the darn thing and why were they carrying a bulky 27" 5k imac around lol.

Anyways thank you for the info and hope this repair goes successfully for you. Might i suggest maybe reaching out to people like Hugh Jeffreys for some kind of advice

Kind regards from Australia


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