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Repair guides and support for headphones inserted into the ear or ear canal, also known as earbuds, earpods and earphones.

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How to fix Aftershokz Aeropex?

Hello everyone,

Background : a few months ago, I bought an Aftershokz Aeropex bone conduction headset. They were brand new, I bought them in a second hand website and the person who sold me the Aftershokz didn’t have any receipt as a proof of purchase (I cannot use the guarantee and Aftershokz said they can’t help me on this…).

Description of the issue : after normal usage, the headphone turned off. It is now impossible to turn them on. I tried to recharge them, to reset them but nothing worked.

Is there a superhero out there who knows how to fix this issue ? Or is a disposable product ?

Thanks !!


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I had something similar happen to mine. Mine just seemed to stop charging altogether. And then, I couldn't get them to turn back on. After leaving them alone for after about 6 months, I tried them yesterday, and they magically started working again. Something that you can try that worked for me. It is a bit annoying, though.

On the side piece that has the on/off button, pull back the rubber part that sits under the button. You'll have to work slowly and methodically, or it won't work. But also be careful not to pull the button too hard from one side or the other. Once you get so far along, then you'll have to pull off the button. Pull it straight up. This is also a bit aggravating, because I now have to leave the button somewhere where it will be accessible, and not get lost. With the rubber pulled back, insert the button where it should go. And... it'll work. As best as I can tell, it may be that the board tilts slightly after a long time of use? And then the pin is no longer long enough to reach the button on the board.

I'm brave enough to do this, but I'm also really scared to open the thing up and not be able to put it back together...

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