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Repair guides and support for the 27" Dell UltraSharp U2711 external display released in February 2010.

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Troubleshooting power ok, possible backlight but no picture

Hi, my 2711 almost toppled over today (was putting on a stand) but I caught it. Didn’t think anything of it until I noticed I was getting no picture. If I power cycle, no input cables attached, I don’t get the Dell boot up logo or any of the “no source” messages you’d expect. It’s just black, blue LEDs light and function, and I /think/ the screen is glowing a bit. Hard to tell in a well lit office. I was thinking of taking the back off and looking for a solder crack or similar, and maybe getting some replacement parts. I know it’s only worth $100 these days but it’s a fun project. Is there anyway to troubleshoot if it’s the boards before I buy some. What else could it be? Thanks!

UPDATE 2022-03-31

Pic of what I re-seated to make it work again! Thanks all!

Block Image

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@loothi remove the back cover and lets se what your boards and wiring look like. Post some good pictures with your question. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


@oldturkey03 @mixxy1010 Just wanted to update to say - it works again!

Took the back off, reseated the two cables in the center, and the white ribbon cable on the back right hand side... (adding pic) plugged it in - and the menu/controls were back. Thrilled! Thanks for the response.


@loothi fantastic


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to confirm backlight is working but no picture?

those dell screens seem to break quite easliy from shock damage. i have broken a few LCD screens in my time with what most would consider very little physical persuasion, although in those cases the damage is pretty obvious (large lines in the display)

maybe just take the back off and ensure the ribbon cable is seated properly from the control board to the LCD.

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