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Manufactured by Corsair, the Katar is an optical gaming mouse that was originally released in 2015. The model number for the device is RGP0016.

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Corsair Kater Pro Tear down

I can’t any guide for my mouse corsair kater pro . can anyone help to tear down my mouse ?

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There is a Disassembly guide on here. Corsair Katar Disassembly

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The Corsair Kater Pro and Corsair Kater is a different mouse


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So there isn’t a specific teardown guide on iFixit, but there is a disassembly guide that shows you how to get to the inner components. @wolphin linked the video for that guide in his answer, but for convenience sake, i’ll link it here.

Typically, teardown guides are made to help provide information on a particular device, such as what chipset the device uses or how to remove specific components. They also do a good job for providing good disassembly practices and what tools should be used.

If you think their should be a teardown guide for this, then definitely look into making your own guide. Hoe maak je een demontagehandleiding?

iFixit Afbeelding


Hoe maak je een demontagehandleiding?



Corsair Katar Afbeelding


Corsair Katar Disassembly



5 - 10 minutes

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