HP Laptop no Power

Hello, I have an HP 15-n261tx laptop that is unable to post. It was liquid damaged originally, but after cleaning it wit isopropyl alcohol I am now able to get a charger light when plugged in. The laptop’s power light also turns on when the laptop is closed, but when I open it, the light turns off. The power button does nothing. The fans do not spin when I try to turn it on. All help would be appreciated.

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TechVid sounds like corrosion issues withsome of the components circuitry on your motherboard. How did you clean the water damage? Post some good pictures of the board with your QUESTION (both sides) Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


Heyy oldturkey03, thanks for responding, I cleaned the water damage by placeing the board in isopropyl alcohol for 3 hours, I flipped the board over after 1.5 hours. I will add some images later today!



What is the model number of the motherboard as printed on the board?

Knowing the board number will hopefully help to find the schematics which will help (Quanta DAOU82 something perhaps)


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