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Repair information for the Crusher Wireless headphones. Model number: S6CRW-K591. First available on Amazon in August of 2016.

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Left Ear Speaker Blown

The main speaker (not the bass one) has blown out or broken in some way. The rest of the headphone is functional. How do I remove it to find a new one and replace it.

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I’m sorry but I don’t know how to take skullcandy headphones apart how ever I have tonnes of experience with beats

So long story short from whet I have seen most headphones come apart the same way

So chances are the ear pads will need to be pryed off witch should reveal some screws and once you have removed them a plastic midframe should come out after the the speaker/driver attached with two cables attached to it

By the way I would check the disfunctional sides cables where they are soldered as is it very common for the solder to break and let go of the cable Witch causes them not to work

If you need any more help please do not hesitate to ask

Sorry again as this information is to be taken with a grain of salt but I should be on the right tracks


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Thanks for the tips I got it opened up.

Any idea where to get a replacement speaker?



For headphones EBay and Ali express are the best places for parts

If you have any trouble finding them please give me a shout



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