Keyboard and Trackpad are Unresponsive

HP Envy x360 15m

The keyboard and trackpad stopped working around the end of January 2022. They are totally unresponsive, EXCEPT for when I boot the computer in BIOS. When I boot the computer in this mode, both the keys and trackpad work to navigate. Because of this I do not think that it is a hardware issue. I’ve gone through and tried uninstalling updates, reinstalling keyboard and trackpad drivers, unlocking the keyboard (hitting shift 8x’s), upgrading to windows 11, going back to windows 10 (I like it better), and disabling tablet mode. I’m not a computer guru by any means, but I’ve tried anything and everything I’ve been able to think of or find online.

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Hi @utahhoosier,

What is the full model number of the laptop?

What is the status of the keyboard and touch pad in Device Manager ?


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