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Repair guides and support for headphones inserted into the ear or ear canal, also known as earbuds, earpods and earphones.

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Bluetooth Marley Champion earbuds have a whining sound

I'm not looking for a solution I just want to know that I'm not the only one that has this problem

the earbuds are fine, but whenever on idle, or playing music, you can hear a high pitch electric whine which is so annoying. I have other Bluetooth earbuds and they don't do this.

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A few things could be going on here.

I'll give you a few suggestions and thoughts about what's going on and possibly how to fix it.

  • It's using an older Bluetooth version (Bluetooth 4.0) to Bluetooth 5.0 that the device you are using to stream music on supports.
  • Although the buds have 'Champion' or 'Premium' in their name they may just suck in general.
  • Make sure you're not using a frequency of music that the buds can't support (E.G Tidal's high-quality music range).
  • Make sure both the device you're using it on and the buds are fully charged before use.
  • For the Bluetooth compatibility issue search for 'Bluetooth 4.0 to Bluetooth 5.0 converter and then __USB port name' on Amazon or eBay. For the crappy buds, you can check if you have the Winny noise issue on a different device say a friend's phone/tablet. If you're using upscaled quality music, maybe resort to a platform like Spotify while using the buds. And charging both the devices is pretty self-explanatory. If none of these methods work and the testing the buds on a friend or family's device doesn't work, I'm afraid you've brought yourself either a faulty pair or a cheap pair of earphones.

Hope this helps.

Thanks , Bezzzles.

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*Just a quick follow up*: A decent chuck of the Amazon reviews for these mentions they either didn't last long or have that weird buzzing.


*Alternative to these earbuds*: I'd recommend picking up some JBL earbuds. They'll literally last a decade if you take care of them and replace the battery.


@bezzzles Yeah thanks man, I knew these weren't the best. even when they were new, they still had the buzzing, I have these small skull candy dimes which i use for school, as they are small and portable, and they at 45 dollars, sound better, feel better, and are just nicer in general compared to the 99 dollar champion earbuds.


@kakkywacky hey, you're welcome. No problemo, we all have to learn some way. How did you even stumble across these btw lol? The review are awful?!


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