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The Ford Explorer and the Mercury Mountaineer were both updated for the 2006 model year on a new frame, produced by Magna International rather than Tower Automotive.

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Why I can't control the back seat

I've a buttons that controls the back seats , one of the seats are stuck and can't move at all , it makes a clicking sound when I try to lower it down

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Its probably the driver side 3rd row which for some reason the gears strip out and it wont move after put down


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I have no idea about cars but give this a try.

See if there's anything blocking the seat from moving. Seems simple but even a spec of dust can annoy these electronic seats. Also check fuses as some of these seats are driven by two small motors instead of one and a single motor doesn't have the power to push the seat forward and backward on its own. Also, give the mechanism a little bit of WD40! Oiling parts of something as old as this may surprise you! Otherwise, I wish you good luck on repairing the seat!

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