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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 7th generation iPad. Released September 25, 2019. Model numbers: A2197, A2200, and A2198.

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I replaced the headphone jack, now it doesn't work.

I do iPad repair for a local public school and I have not successfully replaced a headphone jack … I am using #40755197

After replacing it, it just doesn’t recognize that my test speakers are even plugged in to it. Sound continues to play from the device speakers. Faulty part or faulty repair?

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I would check all connections. See if you just didn’t seat something correctly. If that does not work than it is most likely a bad part or (possibly) logic board issue.

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So I replaced the headphone jack due to a broken piece being stuck in it and unable to extract it. So it worked prior to my replacing. I have disconnected and reconnected it three times. It just seems hard to believe that the logic board failed during repair (battery is disconnected)


@sabretechtech It's not necessarily that the logic board failed, it's more that it's possible something got nudged or knocked loose during the course of the repair. Accidental pry damage is not uncommon when trying to unplug connectors from the board, even if you're an experienced tech. I have done it more than once my own self.

That being said, I would assume bad part first, but I would still check around the connector anyways, may sure no pins are out of place, or small components are loose - I realize this is difficult without some level of magnification, but it's worth having a look.


@flannelist Alight, so I inspected the connector under magnification, it appears good. I installed the original port back into it and it recognizes that there is something plugged in (the broken piece) So I believe that verifies a faulty part. I wonder if will still give me a replacement? I keep it in stock, but it was ordered almost a year ago.


@sabretechtech I would definitely reach out. the store page lists a lifetime warranty even on parts.


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