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The Nuvi 680 global position system features an MSN Direct subscription which provides local weather, traffic, gas prices, movie times, mp3 and hands-free calling capability, and a large touch screen color display.

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Garmin Nuvi 680 - No boot after battery replacement

Hi all,

Like a doofus, I tried following text instructions and a YouTube video for battery replacement on my Garmin Nuvi 680 (this was before learning about ifixit).

Surprisingly, I was able to get everything apart without losing anything and back together with no leftover parts :D

My issue is that the GPS won't boot back up now (or, at least, nothing is showing on the screen). I thought that maybe the battery needed to be charged, so I left it to charge for an entire day. No dice.

To check and see if it was the unit or just a bad battery, I reinstalled the original battery and got the same result - nothing displaying on the screen.

When separating the two halves, I did manage to pop the ribbon cables off, accidently (the instructions I was following did not mention disconnecting them, like the article here does). I got them reinstalled, but am not sure I did it correctly and only the two that have latches came off.

Any ideas on what to check or what may be causing the issue?



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Just a thought but have you tried to reset your Nuvi after :

Disconnect the Nuvi from external power.

Flip up the GPS antenna

Press the Reset button

Connect the Nuvi to a power source. It should now automatically turn back on.

I am sure you double checked your work for any loose cables and check the troubleshooting guide on here and just in case you need it, here is the guide. Hope this helps to get you started. Good Luck

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