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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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How would you go around swapping a 3DS' motherboard into another?

Unfortunately, the 3DS system transfer coming out will not be able to transfer everything and I recently received a new 3DS as a present (due to the person knowing I'd prefer the newer color). I'd really like to keep all my data so I've been looking for information on putting the motherboard (As while some data is on the SD Card and some data remains in the game cartridges, there is still a handful on the system itself) into the new system I received and was curious about the best way to do that.

However, because this wasn't complicated enough, I decorated the top part of my original and would rather keep that so I'm only interested in changing the bottom/face of my original 3DS to the newer one (and obviously, the original motherboard into the other system's bottom/face).

In short: I'd like to attach my original 3DS' top to my new 3DS' bottom and swap the motherboard from my original 3DS to the new 3DS' bottom. What would be the simplest/best way to go around doing this? (Example: I have a black 3DS I got on release day. I decorate the black's top with some red decals. My father buys me a red 3DS as I prefer red to black. I really like what I did with the top though so I only want to just change the bottom of the 3DS (The face where the buttons are and the back where the text and logo are) to the new red and place the memory from my original black into the new red base. Example picture: )

And just in case it's needed, my old bottom will need to be reattached to the new top as, to my surprise, a family member really wants it (They already know what I'm going to do to it), so I do need to make sure both can go together and work just fine.

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All the guides you need are right here, good luck.

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I looked, but I'm honestly not sure which I need. The motherboard replacement, for example, seems more like it's for if you actually need to replace it over a transfer. The rest seem to focus on smaller parts and/or upgrades/repairs--not just a swap/change.


Insofar as the motherboard goes there is no difference between swapping out and replacing. One motherboard is removed another one is put in place of the original. You are not going to get by cheap here. With everything you want to change you are going to totally disassemble both units and rebuild them to look like you want them to. Personally I recommend you leave both systems alone and just sell your original one. You could create several piles of parts and no usable game systems. Most people can't install a new motherboard or LCD on a DS Lite properly. The DSi is a little harder for both and the 3DS is harder yet.


I'm not looking for a cheap way--I just want to make sure exactly what it is I need to do. I'd hate to do something I didn't need to and screw up because "oh look, you didn't even need to do that" and someone else mentioned to me I may not have to completely take it out since I still am using parts of the old system (The top screen) though, I've also heard I would, so I'm honestly just asking for a full break-down.

Unfortunately, selling either is not an option and this is something I'd really like to try and do.


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You have to do this guide Nintendo 3DS Motherboard Replacement

You need to do the steps till the motherboard must be flipped and the ribbon-cable for the upper LCD must be removed.

You have to do it for both 3DS.

After that you can attach your new motherboard to the old upper part.

You can also learn a lot in youtube-videos:

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