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Popular laptop sold by HP. While it comes in many configurations, all models of this laptop have the same basic form factor. The numbers after G60 indicate the factory specifications of the laptop and who sold it.

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HP G60-230US laptop won't start - intermittant problem

I have an HP G60-230US notebook (2 years old) with intermittant start-up problems. When I power on, it will hang on a black screen with the green running dots and "Microsoft Corporation" at the bottom.

I have tried manually powering down, unplugging the device, removing the battery, and pressing the start button manually for 30-45 seconds. I've also tried launching Start-up Repair, or pressing F8, without success. A black screen appears that says "Windows is loading files" and then it will revert back to the green running dots again.

After an hour or more, the repair will launch, and then hang. Only then will the machine finally start after I power down and re-start again.

This problem started 12-14 months ago. Warranty techs are unable to locate a problem (hardware or software). No viruses. The device has been wiped clean back to factory-ready twice, without success. Running Windows Vista but told there's no guarantee that's the problem. For this reason, I hesitate to spend $ for Windows 7. Warranty is running out soon. Any suggestions?

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Thanks. Store manager says laptop should be replaced; warranty rep wants to run 3rd diagnostic check. I'm told there's a possible problem w/ one of the tracks that won't even show up on a diagnostic test. If they still can't locate the problem, they'll replace the motherboard.

I'll consider this if they stand behind their work & extend my warranty for a reasonable period to ensure the fix is successful. If it's not, I'll insist the unit be replaced.

They are reluctant to do this so now I'm pushing for a new pc to avoid continued hassles if the problem still isn't corrected. I feel I've been very patient & willing to work with them. But, even if they replace the pc, they will not switch it out. Rather, they'll issue store credit & I'll have to purchase new pc, new warranty ($200+) & new set-up ($150+). Seems like a very expensive option, even w/ store credit. Is this reasonable? Or standard procedure for similar situations? What are your thoughts on the motherboard issue if the warranty expires?


Well, yes it is,but it beats the alternative which is a computer that does not work. It will probably cost you the same or more to get fixed. At least this way, you have a new computer with a new warranty.


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Hello Annie, A check of the web shows no common thread for your problem. Looking at your question it would appear to me you may have a motherboard with an intermittent problem. I would ask them to either replace the board under warranty or give you a new computer. Let us know how it all comes out.

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+ absolutely agree. Since you are running out of warranty and have had this error for a while, have them try and either fix or replace it


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