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Model A1285 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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My iPod automatically pauses mid-song

I've had my ipod nano for just over 2 years now.

For about a month now it has occasionally been pausing itself mid-song

It normally goes on for 20 minutes doing this until it shorts itself out for another 20 minutes until it starts over again.

I have tested it out with the earphones: Firstly I use apple earphones so no "3rd party" ear phones involved. I have also tested it with the ipod and earphones staying completely still, yet it sitll managed to pause itself.

This makes me believe that this is then a mechanical fault with the ipod and not to do with the connections.

So i'm asking:

  • Why is it doing this?
  • Is there anythign that can be done to fix it?
  • Should I just get a new Ipod?



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Ben, just to make sure I understand you correctly, it pauses itself, not turning itself off?


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First check inside the headphone connector with a strong light and magnifying glass. Inside there is a moisture indicator. It is a piece of paper and if moisture got inside the paper will turn pink on one half of it. Moisture will cause the problem you are indicating.

Second if no pink stripe is found try restoring your iPod in iTunes. Make sure you restore in not just sync it. Starting fresh with erasing, restoring and updating (if there is a OS update) will fix some software glitches.

Lastly take a dry old toothbrush and make sure there is no debris in the dock connector area. Debris in this area can short two tabs on the connector together and cause problems.

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I couldn't find a moisture indicator so i'm currently restoring the ipod and will update if it worked


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I found that if I put pressure on the edge of the left side just underneath the bottom of the screen, it paused the song, regardless of whether it was locked or not. If this is what's happening, I'm not sure what else you can do rather than adjust your grip.

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