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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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I dropped my phone to much. Now a vertical line and half battery

Hi I have dropped my phone to many times . A vertical line is always on screen until it power surges and switches off halfway through the battery s life.

What do I need to replace to fix this .

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The issue with Samsung screens is repair cost. On older models like this unless you get a deal on the screen tends to be as much as a used 2 generation old phone from the same series. If you look at this guide, the screen is $179 and the phones go for $100-180 used with varying SIM lock status. If it works, live with it.

For the battery, that’s reasonable. Refer to this guide since it’s only $44.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Batterij Afbeelding


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vervanging van de batterij



45 minutes - 2 hours

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Scherm Afbeelding


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vervanging van het scherm



50 minutes - 2 hours

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