Nvidia Titan X (maxwell) Vcore and Memory Voltage Not Present

I received a non working Titan X graphics card that I am trying to repair. There is no video, no post when I test it, when I test for voltages, that I found there is no voltage on vcore or memory. I found that there is a few missing SMD components that appear to be knocked off the back of the PCB. There is 3 transistors and one capacitor that I found missing, The one transistor Q532 measures 5 volts on the left pad and 3.3 volts on the middle pad. This isn’t far from the memory and vcore MOSFETs, maybe this could be the issue. I will try replacing the missing components however I am not sure what the transistors are (NPN, PNP etc) does anyone have this card to check the back on what the numbers are on the transistors? Q528 and Q1 are the other missing ones.

Update (02/12/2022)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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After some research I found a 980ti image layout of the back of the PCB which is the same, from that I could at least figure out that Q532 is a 7002k MOSFET and was able get this transistor from some old board I had, I soldered just this transistor in and did a test. It now post and get video out. Not sure this will be any repair information value since it was physical damage.


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