Hot tub is not coming on after being moved

We just purchased a used 2018 Maax Elite hot tub and it was delivered today. Initially when we hooked it up it was tripping the breaker. We found a video that showed we had the GFI wired incorrectly and now it is not tripping the breaker but the display won’t come on. A meter shows that it is getting power. We’re wondering if there is a reset or it has to be filled to filled for the display to come on. We’re afraid to fill it right now as it is freezing at night and we don’t want to chance filling it if the heaters, etc aren’t going to work. Are we missing something simple? We checked fuses.

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Hi @mhartley72,

What is the model number of the hot tub?

Hopefully the control board wasn't damaged when you connected the power supply incorrectly causing the GFI to trip


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