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The Xtreme 2 is a large portable Bluetooth speaker, released in January 2018. This Speaker comes with an IPX7 and up to 15 hour battery life. Model: PL

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What does the red flashing led mean?

The red led is flashing below the red jbl symbol. What does that mean? The speaker will turn off as soon as I turn it on while plugged into the wall.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my question, regards Cameron

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Hi @camthekiwiboy ,

A red blinking LED indicates that the battery is very low and that it needs to be recharged with the power adapter.

If after fully charging the battery, the speaker turns off when operating on the battery only, then there is a problem with the battery and most probably it will need to be replaced.

Here’s a video that may help with this

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Awesome thanks alot that video was exactly waht I need ???


Hey mate did I screw the battery by always having it on charge? Cheers



Most batteries are meant to be used so keeping them on charge all the time actually does them more harm than good over time.

Also depending on the type of battery i.e. lead acid, NiMH, LiPO Li-Ion etc it varies as to how to maintain the battery charged (especially if not using them) so that it is also not damaged in any way.

The speaker's battery management circuit should take this into account but then it is supposed to be a "portable" speaker i.e. not normally connected to external power source, so the battery is expected to be mostly used for powering the speaker

That is not to say that you flatten the battery every time you use the speaker. Just use it normally and try not to let the battery charge drop to less than 30% before recharging back up to fully charged


i get that i may have after 2 years toasted my battery by leaving it on charge the whole time, but i just replaced the battery an still have red light turns of problem. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?


It doesn’t charge even after a long time, keeps showing red


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