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Model A1989, EMC 3358. A refresh of the existing design, with updated processor options and a change to the keyboard materials. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released in May 2019.

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How can I reinstall existing MacOS on my MacBook Pro 2019 13"?

I’m currently running MacOS Monterey on my MacBook Pro and it facing some issues while using it so I want to reinstall the OS.

Can it be done without internet recovery because then I will have to re-download the WHOLE 12GBs?

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Yes! Look for the OS installer on your system you may already have a copy. If you do you can then create a bootable USB-C/Thunderbolt3 external drive. Otherwise go to the Apps Store to download a copy.

Heres’ how to setup the USB drive macOS Monterey: How to create a bootable installer drive

Note: They have a small phrasing error calling out Big Sur you don’t need to worry they are assuming you are upgrading.

Once you have this setup you can the reboot using the USB drive to run the OS installer.

I do recommend you first backup your stuff first! And just re-installing the OS most likely not fix your issue as the Older OS structure and some settings are still present. If you are sure you have a OS issue then most of the time I end up wiping the drive down and then set it up afresh. Re-install your apps directly from the Apps Store or app publisher, If that’s not possible install a good antivirus app to first scan your backup drive to make sure you don’t re-infect your system.

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Thanks for your detailed answer. I ended up erasing the whole disk and installing a fresh version from internet recovery.

Sadly, it did not solve the problem and the macOS keeps on crashing and each time there is a new process that causes the crash (like mostly launchd, kernal panic, etc.).

I think Monterey is not yet stable for 2019 MacBook Pros. Previously, Mojave was doing just fine. What macOS would you personally recommend for my 2019 MacBook Pro?


@irazaali - Personally I would stick with Mojave as Catalina does away with 32bit apps which I'm still using and Big Sur is also buggy!


Thanks for recommendation. While I am now trying to reinstall MacOS through internet recovery it is giving -1008F error. Can you please guide how can I encounter this issue. Have already reset NVRAM and SMC.


@irazaali _ I would create a bootable OS installer drive and use it as you need to reformat the drive completely using the installers copy of disk utility.


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