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Repair documentation and service information for Hisense televisions.

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Heard a loud pop then lost picture.

I have a Hisense 55K23DGW, We were watching TV when the left ~1/3 of the screen when darker, a minute later, we heard a loud pop and lost the entire picture completely but we still had sound. What could be the reason behind the pop and loss of picture?

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Could you take the TV apart and take pictures of the circuit boards? Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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It is either the backlight LEDs or the power supply, especially since part of the screen went dark a bit before the pop.
The power supply board is responsible for driving the backlight LEDs.
If you have a very powerful flashlight, try shining it on the screen and seeing if there is still a picture (something with lots of white works well, since darker colors are hard to see without a backlight).
Since you still have sound, that means that the low voltage section of the TV is still functioning.

If you do still have picture, you should try opening the TV and looking for obvious damage on the orange(ish) colored board that should be visible. Please make sure to not touch that board, too. It carries high voltage AC and DC, and will still have power left in the large capacitors on it after it is turned off. Things to look for would be scorch marks, cracked/burned components, and bloated capacitors.
If you see any of those things, the board is definitely bad. If there aren’t any of those, there’s still a chance it’s bad, but it could be the LEDs too.

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Just fell down this rabbit hole while fixing there is no way the power supply would be the cause you would smell it and would cause other weird things to happen..though it is OCR 2022 this is still happening sellingv58" smart TVs for under 300. The perphs..the wiring the cross wiring something not being plugged soldered etc could be a domino effect but it is clear they are trying to run this TV under par like no fan in the old towers and gaming burn out your board. I really hope there has not been serious injury or fire.

Class action you all need to hold this Company accountable.


@thunderbangb00m There might have been one capacitor on the PS board that only affected the backlight and/or screen power supply. There could have also been a blown capacitor on the main board.


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If it was being caused from over heating and it has cracked from the inside please do not try and use it even if there is some screen left that is not rendered useless this board and is not or other things in conjunction are not to spec and it could be a serious fire issue . The guy above is concerned with LED lights I am not a light person just a geek from before the WWW came along and have seen what destruction can be had by trying to power and run a board that was ill equipped to even try. The Lights I would guess would put off a smell sound problems would have happened sooner ..idk now I am off to find out what's the safe!

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@thunderbangb00m Hearing a loud pop from electronic devices, are 9 times out of 10 an electrolytic capacitor (or more) that blew. If the picture went out (gradually or not), the first check on TVs with no picture, is ALWAYS tested with a flashlight. The manufacturers have a tendency to use sub-par light strips in the backlight, so those are the first to go.


@geirandersen I hate how the manufacturers always use trash quality capacitors that they also tend to undersize.


@andrewsawesome I couldn’t agree more! Cutting costs is one thing, but when that cut means that you’re actually manufacturing pure trash, makes it into a problem.


@geirandersen It's so sad that Panasonic stopped making TVs(The Panasonic branded TVs that are sold now aren't made by Panasonic). I once tore down a Panasonic Plasma TV that wasn't working. It had all Rubycon caps (at least for the through hole caps).


@andrewsawesome I did work on a TV last week for a guy. It was a Hitachi branded TV, but the power board was Vestel and it had rubbish caps. They even cut cost on the bleeder resistors, so everything kept it’s charge :(


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