Fan at 100% as soon as plugged in, won't boot

I was doing some work on my mac mini (replacing thermal compound), so I got it put back together and went to power it up and the first thing I noticed was that as soon as I plugged in the power cord (didn’t even press the power button yet), the fan instantly jumped to 100% and the machine would not boot upon pressing the power button, showed no indication that it tried to boot either. No display output, CPU heatsink was room temperature after keeping it plugged in for about a minute or so.

I tried searching online and couldn’t find anything related to this, the closest thing I could find was the CPU fan jumping to 100% after the machine started to boot. I’m worried I might have killed it somehow (couldn’t have been static since I had an anti-static wrist strap on and confirmed I was grounded)

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What thermal paste did you use? Is there any thermal paste on the circuit board near components? Did you make sure everything that you disconnected(cables) was reconnected?


@andrewsawesome I used MX-5, which according to Arctic is not thermally conductive or capacitive, so it shouldn't. I made sure all the cables were reconnected and even made sure to reseat the top half of the mac mini (assembly with dvd drive, fan, etc) several times to ensure that the connector was pushed in all the way and making good contact, still get nothing.


@TheBlinkstyKrab check to make sure the cpu, if in a socket is seated in properly and no bent pins are present. If thats not the issue, try checking cmos batter if there is one.


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