Can anyone help me figure out why my laptop display keeps ghosting?

It started happening a few days after updating to Windows 11. The model is HP 14-fq0013dx. I've updated all drivers. The only thing I haven't done is rollback the update, but only because when i tried to it said those files were missing. See video attached for a clear example of the problem.

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Have you tried starting in safe mode to see if the problem occurs?

If it doesn't then it is a driver problem as only generic Windows drivers are loaded in safe mode and not hardware specific drivers.

Did you use the PC Health Check app to make sure that the laptop is compatible with Win 11, you didn't say?


Thanks for thr reply. My system met all basic requirements prior to the update, although I didn't use the app specifically. I've also tried to boot it in safe mode but met the same problem.


connect it to a TV via the HDMI port. That will eliminate or not some sections.

Does it happen by itself or are you trying to do something when it happens?


Probably some issue with the screen's ribbon cable...


@honakrisi logically, how could that produce those results? There is a stable image, then a ghost one that is displaced. A bad cable/connection would have an effect on the stable image also.


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