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Model A1199 / 2, 4, or 8 GB capacity

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Where can l get a bottom piece for my iPod A1199

My iPod does not have a bottom piece where the charger is

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Do you mean the bottom bezel cover like this?

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Bottom Bezel Bracket Replacement

It could also be the bottom bezel like this?


Can't find one that in-stock


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@dizzydwarf 678 Gotcha, I linked those two just to see what part you're looking for. Is it the entire bracket or just the bezel? I did a quick web search and it looks like those parts are difficult to come by. If you're committed to restoring the one you have, you could probably buy one for parts to put on the one you own?

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@krisrodriguez yeah looked for one of parts and can't find any


@dizzydwarf 678 is the one I linked not a match?


@dizzydwarf 678 So this one wouldn't work?


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