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De MacBook Pro is Apple's laptoplijn voor recreatief en professioneel gebruik. Deze reeks bevat onder andere de MacBook Pro 13, 15, 16 en 17-inch modellen met daarin weer verschillende modellen die gekenmerkt worden door hun respectievelijke Unibody, Retina-scherm en Touch Bar-ontwerpen.

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How to repair the Magsafe i/o Board?

Does anyone have any ideas for repairing a damaged Magsafe i/o board for a Macbook Pro? I specifically have a early 2008 15" Model. I realize that I can replace the i/o board, but I would rather learn how to repair it if possible. Has anyone fixed one? Any thoughts on what might be damaged? I have no problem with desoldering and replacing components if it's cost-effective. These boards are all over ebay refurbished, so someone must know how to fix them. Your advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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This part can be had at some places for $6.50. I order them about four at a time. Yes, I have repaired them by cleaning but I've never seen one that needed to be re-soldered. I also don't cut my lawn with scissors although it could be done. A better use of your time might be on repairing high end video cards. Spending thirty minutes or an hour on a $150 to $350 card would seem like the way to go.

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$6.50? Would you be kind enough to share a link to a site that has them for that price? That would be fantastic!


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