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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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Why does my screen flash white and turn off

after i managed to change the bottom screen using your guides i now have another problem where the console wont stay on and all i get is a quick white flash then it shuts down what is wrong?

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shane, it tries to start up and then one of the screens flashes and it then powers down, notifies you that there is a problem with the screen. This is a check and that the screen that is not flashing has an error. Either the screen itself or the cable to it. If both screen flash, it is some other system error, like a loose or broken upper LCD cable. In your case, double check your work, make sure that your cable is seated properly and that the upper cable, which goes through the hinge, is not broken. The guides for your DSi are here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I had this issue. My bottom LCD would flash white very quickly and then the system would shut down. I ended up needing to re seat what I believe was the LCD cable for the top screen (this the only ribbon cable that is attached to the bottom side of the board) after that it was all good.

Man I thought I bricked it for a minute though and I was worried.

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