My screen is now way too bright and washed out after fix?

I opened my iPod Touch because of suspected water damage. Everything went great. I got it completely disassembled and cleaned every area that I saw corrosion (3 areas, mainly around the headphone jack area) with a small brush and alcohol. I used a Loupe and checked every square inch both front and back of the logic board. It looked perfect to me, clean and shiny.

When I put it back together and turned it on, the screen was waaaayy to bright and washed out. I tried the settings/brightness but that didn't help.

I even powered on the iPod after I got the LCD free from the LCD/battery tray to make sure it was damaged. It looked great, so I continued further to remove the logic board.

By the way, when booting up, the Apple logo starts out black (screen looks fine) and than starts to get grayer and grayer until the home screen shows and everything is washed out. Doesn't that mean the LCD is fine? Since it starts out regular and than gets washed out.

Any ideas and thanks.

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Well, since no one responded I ordered a replacement LCD and it came yesterday. Installed it and the screen is fine now. I guess no matter how gingerly you take apart one of these things you can still damage the LCD even though it looks perfect.

As for the water damage. I cleaned everything with alcohol and a strong magnifying glass and it still doesn't work.

No sound from games and as soon as I click play with a song it bounces back to pause. Nice waste of time.


Thanks for the update on that LCD. I have a portable DVD player that does that with the screen, at least now I know that it might be the screen and not some hardware issue.


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