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How you prevent the causing of galling for Fasteners?

Galling is among the most prevalent issues that happen when you tighten fasteners. The word galling refers to a wear type that happens as multiple surfaces move against each other under load. The rugged, sharp and small projections on one metal surface rubs across another, creating local stress. The stress will disrupt the passive metal oxide layers, leading to a deformation of plastic that not only creates local heating but also increases the adhesive attraction. Due to the galling phenomenon, materials from metal surfaces get attached to each other, developing a lump. The accumulation of too many lumps is likely to cause more galling in fasteners UAE products as well.

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@tychegulf123 proper (not Nickel based) anti-seize compound will help to prevent galling. There are also a few molybdenum disulfide lubricants that work. Not sure what your question relates to…..

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