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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (called the Note5) is a phablet-style phone with stylus, manufactured by Samsung, released in August 2015.

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Screen doesn't respond to touch after battery replacement

My Sprint Note 5 needed a new battery, so i replaced it and when I booted the phone up, it turned on just fine but the screen doesn’t respond to any touch. Has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it?

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Hi Soren,

I have broken a note 5 before. I don't know if that makes me worth listening to, but oh well. The digitizers on the note 5 screens are super fragile, and love to break easily. I broke mine the same way, I pried up just the smallest bit too much on the battery, and it ruined touch on the bottom half of the screen. If you find that the S pen still works with the screen, that is most likely what the issue is. You may need to replace the screen as well, if you can find a good one out there.

Hope this helped,


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