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The JBL Boombox 2 is a portable speaker.

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How do I repalce my battery?

Our Boombox 2 isn’t holding the same charge it used to and I’d like to replace the battery

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Dary Daehne something like this video should get you there. Yes, it is a bit cumbersome etc., but it will eventually get you there. While you follow the video and change your battery, I would ask that you create a guide of it and post it on here. That way it will be helpful for the next person looking for a REPAIR GUIDE.

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Voeg een opmerking toe this should help you, @oldturkey03 I’m not copying you I just wanted to put some more detail! but please note that you Jbl boombox 2 will most likely not be waterproof anymore.

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@kawesomer no worries. Repair is a team effort and whatever helps the OP is good to add.


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