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Released February 2009. Model DVP-FX730.

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I need to replace the audio output jack

audio output connection replacement

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Hi @bobeffect ,

Here’s the service manual for the player.

On p.1 it details the dis-assembly sequence so that you can gain access to the mainboard to replace the audio out jack.

The ifixit Sony DVP-FX730 repair guides may also be of some help.

The part number for the jack is Sony part # 9-885-131-18 -  AUDIO JACK (2N-0003003-FWS0) (AUDIO OUT) - see p.41 parts list.

I tried searching online for the part using the part number with no success. You may have better luck.

The manual is a bit awkward to use online as you have to scroll down and select the next page number and then click on Go to get to the next page or the page that you want. To download the manual you have to sign up to the website.

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