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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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TX-P50GT50B Flashing screen, and purple blotches

Sometimes the purple blotches goes away after a few minutes. Sometimes it doesn’t.
Typically occurs after using my TV more than a couple of times a week.
I’ve opened up the back, and none of the capacitors appear to be leaky or bulging.

Block Image


Block Image

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@qwerty_space since yours is a plasma Tv it is not as straightforward. What your videos are showing plus the fact that “blotches goes away after a few minutes”, would lead me to believe that this is an issue with the Z-sustain and/or the Y-sustain boards or buffer boards. I would check for cold solder joints on the capacitors and the coils.

Update (10/09/2021)

@qwerty_space those are the drives that are commonly mounted on the left and right side of your TV. Post some good pictures of all of your board and how they are connected via the ribbon cables. I believe Panasonic calls them SC and SC(1) boards. For example, this is what the Y-sus board looks like for your TV

Block Image

(thank you to unknown seller on ebay:-)

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Update (10/10/2021)

@qwerty_space here is what it looks like with the boards marked

Block Image

and here is what the board basically do

P board = Power Supply

A board = Main AV input, processing

SC board =Scan Drive

SS board = Z Sustain Drive

SS2 board = Z-sub Sustain out (Lower)

SU board = Y-drive Scan out (Upper)

SDboard = Y-drive Scan out (Lower)

The issue as you describe sounds like it is originating from the SC board. Check that board carefully and include the upper and lower buffer boards (those are less likely the culprit)

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Hi, how can I identify those boards?


Thanks for the update.

I've updated my original post with a picture of the back, I hope that's clear


Okay, thanks. It looks like I'll probably need to take the boards off to look at the other side. Or get a technician out to fix it.


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