My laptop won't switch on

My laptop suddenly shut down by itself then I try to swith it on, but it does not work. I try to hold the on/off button for 30 second and had been doing it for few days but still does not work. How to deal with this?

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Is there any damage to the charging port? What make and model is the laptop?


I don't think the charging pirt is the problem. Haier S2 laptop. Last week I had just installed zoom apps in the laptop for my online class, once being installed the laptop suddenly turn off by itself and then cannot be switch on again. So I let it for a while and the next day I try to switch on again, the sound is there but the screen went blank and just black.


Is it constantly black or do you see anything at all, first you want to plug the laptop in with a hdmi lead to see if you get an image on the secondary screen.


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