MacBook screen works for a few hours after replacement, then went dead

I replaced the screen on my MacBook today and it worked perfectly, was using it hooked up to an external display when all of a sudden the laptops display went blank.

I can still get output to an external display and the Touch Bar still works fine. I have tried reseating the display connector.

I have attached a few pictures of the motherboard along with a picture of the screen connector.

Anyone have any idea where I can begin trouble shooting?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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What was the issue with the original display? Also your pictures are a little blurry, so hard to make out components on the board. But it looks like there may have been some liquid spill in the upper right corner of the board, near the L shaped cowling.

A lot of the components for backlight function are in that area. I would double check and see if the display is still functioning, but but backlight is out. Turn it off and then back on. Shine a flashlight on the display in the center and see if you can see the Apple symbol when it starts to boot up.

And see if you can get a picture of that specific area.


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