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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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phone won't turn on even when plugged in

awhile back the phone randomly glitched out when using it and i couldnt turn it back on, tried different button combinations and nothing worked, tried plugging it into the charger and nothing, waited a week or so to see if the battery would drain and try then but still nothing, no idea what to do now or if the phone is 100% dead, would like to atleast wipe the data off before sending it into a phone recycling place, any help here is welcomed, thanks in advanced!

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Do you have any testing equipment?

Multimeter and a usb amp meter would be very usefull.

If you simply want to wipe the phone before recycling it, then one thing you could do is extract the motherboard and drill a hole through it.

I hope this helps

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dont have a usb amp meter and think ive got a mutlimeter here somewhere


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