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The HP Pavilion 15 cs0xxx is a 15-inch laptop that was released as part of the HP Pavilion computer line.

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HP Pavilion 15cs0 Power button light turning on then off

I was using my HP Pavilion 15cs0 normally then it suddenly shut down. I tried turning it back on but the power button light turned off after a second or two. I tried to remove the battery and power it directly through AC, and it was working for a bit then the problem happened again.

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Hi @ankoj,

What length of time was "it was working for a bit"?

When it tries to start, can you hear the fan turn on?

What is the full model number as printed on the information label on the bottom of the laptop?


Hi @jayeff, thanks for the reply,

It was about an hour or so.

When the problem happened the fan did not work, but in that 1 hour mentioned before the fan turned on normally.

It’s HP Pavilion 15cs0102tx.

Again thank you for your reply!



Can you still start it using the AC but with no battery inserted?



I’ve just removed and reinstalled my RAM, and changed my bios settings to default. It’s working now with AC. I will reply later if it works normally again or not.

Thanks for helping!


Hi @jayeff,

The problem happened again. The laptop does not turn on when using the AC without the battery. The charging light is on though. When the power button is pressed the screen is black and the fan doesn’t work, only the power button light turns on for a second then turns off.

And it seems like I can make it works again for a while everytime I remove and reinstall the RAM.


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Try a power refresh by disconnecting the charger and removing the battery and then pressing and holding the laptop Power button for a full 30 seconds then release. Reinsert the battery, reconnect the charger and the try to turn it on.

If it turns on OK and boots into Windows etc, allow the battery to fully charge and then create a battery report to check the status of the battery. Compare the Design capacity value versus the Full Charge capacity value. For a good battery they should be nearly the same.

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