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Samsung TV fuse sparked while watching it

My TV fuse sparked while watching it,does this affect the TV or i just need to change the fuse.

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paul olofinlade what is the exact model for your TV? Which fuse is sparking? The one on the power board? Post some pictures of the board and where this fuse is located. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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The fuse breaks the circuit if a fault in an appliance causes too much current to flow. This protects the wiring and the appliance if something goes wrong. The fuse contains a piece of wire that melts easily. If the current going through the fuse is too great, the wire heats up until it melts and breaks the circuit.

Yes you can replace the fuse but then look for a failing component that caused the fuse to blow. Look for capacitors that are swollen and leaking on any burned spots.

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So my tv might work just fine if I change the fuse? Because the is a burnt smell on the fuse but the TV itself looks fine no burnt smell front any part of it.


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