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Repair guides and support for the OnePlus 5T, an Android smartphone with a 6.01" AMOLED display. Released in November 2017. Successor to the OnePlus 5. Model number: A5010.

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Replugging screen : upside-down and multiple

Hello !

I just received a new screen to replace my broken OnePlus 5T screen. I thought it would be easy game : dissemble, plug and done.

However, the result is not quite what I expected. The screen is upside-down and displays two times what should appear once (as you will see attached). Also : the touch screen is at the right place, as if nothing was different from a new phone with perfect display…

Have I done something wrong… ? Do you have any solution?

Many thanks in advance !

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KasDing the only thing you want to check on is your connector. Make sure that the pins are straight and not bend sideways etc. Ultimately this sounds and looks like a bad screen. Return it to wherever you bought it from and request a new display.

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Hello oldturkey03 !

As you said something could have been wrong with the pins, but surely the screen was down.

I returned it and got another which works perfectly :)

Thank you for your help !


KasDing glad it worked out for you! Keep on fixin'.....!!!


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