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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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screen busted, looking for suitable replacement

hi, i have busted screen on my iMac. replacement will cost around 700GBP, i will not pay that.

i have been looking for replacement screen, which should be Lm240WU2-SLA1, price for them is still too high, not mentioning their very limited supply.

i have found some cheap screens, stating LM240WU4-SLA1.

going for 60GBP free p&p in my area, do you think this would do as a replacement?

looking at the picture, i cannot really say the difference, can anyone here clarify for me?

thank you


Im not home yet, that's why I cannot give you serial number. But it is the last White 24" iMac with intel processor before they turned to alluminium. And about the screen, I am as sure about the part number as I can, as I was writing down the part number off the actuall busted screen...

Never mind, I think I will be on a hunt for working screen for one more month, after that the machine is going back on eBay.

Thanks for clarification guys, it's much appreciated.

Good day to everyone...

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For that money I'd buy it and see... I think that's reasonable considering how much faulty macs are if you wanted to harvest parts!


Will you please give us the last 3 characters of your serial number so we can determine your exact machine. That may help in finding suitable replacement numbers. I've seen the U4 being sold for the 2009 iMac. The LVDS pinouts in the data sheets do not match. How sure are you of the Lm240WU2-SLA1 being the part in your's?


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No the will not interchange. Everything looks promising in the LVDS pinout until you hit pin 25. Pins 25 - 28 are used for different purposes on each monitor. The data sheets are here for the U4 and here for the U2.

My understanding is you can replace your LM240WU2-SLA1 with the LM240WU2-SLB2. The differences between the 2 LCDs being the A1 is matte and the B2 is glossy. Here is a reference to someone successfully using the LM240WU2-SLB2 in their iMac that originally came with the LM240WU2-SLA1.

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Ab is it possible to move wires inside the cabling? I only ask because I've seen some of the older model lvds where the clear plastic cover over 25 wires is quite easy to separate and move wires around a little


Not on a LVDS cable in general. In this case, for sure no way, the pins that are different are not even present on the other. Each of these uses a different method/technology for the clock.


thanks for that..been a lot of chatter about another mac and compatible screens on here in the last few weeks. :-)


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