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Released September 20, Apple's largest and most expensive 2019 smartphone features a 6.5" OLED display, a triple-lens camera system, and greatly improved battery life. Successor to the iPhone XS Max.

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My phone constantly shuts down, after working normally for 1-3min

This is not afaik the apple logo loop, the phone works normally for a few minutes and then shuts off in the middle of whatever I happen to be doing. About a week after the warranty was up, the microphone stopped working, and I could only use the phone with a headset, but otherwise the phone worked normally until now. The battery reads full. I have restarted the phone, I have done a reset, and I have done a full backup and DFU and reinstalled everything. My theory is that the charging port and microphone are so close together that somehow damage occurred to both. This first buggered the microphone and is not maybe shorting things out? Not sure how to proceed. I have never previously had a problem with any apple product, so this time I decided not to buy apple care. the apple store wanted 600$ to look at mic, and said if there was evidence of water damage it would be unfixable. AFAIK it has not gotten wet.

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Apple will say that it is water damaged as they are not allowed to replace the charge port. The only thing they can replace is the screen and battery anything else is a refurbished phone.

Replace the charge port assembly. Make sure you purchase from a reputable parts store and not eBay or amazon. I try and find a seller who offers pulled ones from original phones.

Once replaced as long as your battery is good your phone should function properly.

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The parts stores I have commented have the microphone and charge port as two separate parts whereas here they seem to be considered one part. Further the local stores say I will have to microsolder the microphone assembly, which is something I have never done and seems intimidating.

any advice?


@rhinoactual When the 11 pro max first came out and you needed to replace the charge port it would need to be micro soldered and still will if you want an OEM port.

The third party charge ports do not require any soldering as they have the IC already soldered to the assembly. If you purchase from a reputable store you should be fine. Just make sure it has the IC as some repairers prefer to solder them on themselves.


Kbow of a reputable canadian dealer?


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