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Lightweight fleece jackets maximize core warmth without weighting you down. They wick away moisture and dry quickly to handle the most grueling of outdoor pursuits.

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How to repair pocket, seam split so contents fall through

I have a many, many years old Patagonia fleece jacket and one of the hand pocket seams blew out years ago- I wear it, reminding myself not to put anything in pocket, lest it be lost to the ground. Would like to finally mend this and would appreciate suggestions.

Thanks - Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca, We have designed and constructed many fleece garments over the years with different pocket constructions, this could be as easily as applying a straight stitch, onto the existing seam that has opened on the pocket bag with matching colored thread. However in order to provide best recommendation could you take a picture of the area in question? Take a picture of the inside and outside view of the jacket where the pocket is located, please indicate exact area where seam has opened in the picture with your finger or a pencil?

You could also send it into us for repair if you like at Patagonia.

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