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The LG Stylo 4 is a stylus-equipped midrange slate-format Android smartphone released by LG in 2018. Identifiable by model numbers L713DL and Q710(AL, CS, MS, TS, ULM, ULS, and US).

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Why won't my camera or flashlight work?

Android. LG Stylo 5. I use to be able to pull down from main screen and turn light on, now I have to ask Google? Also I just realized at bottom of screen it sez “ flashlight not available to this user"? Also, camera isn't working? I tried reboot, nothing. At one point I did get the black screen of death! Then a prompt Goole crashes but feedback under running apps just said quick search then black.please help. I've been dealing with a hacker, and it's under investigation, in the mean time?

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You seem to have more then one issue

I would reccomend to back up important thing and facotry reset to phone to resolve any firmware issues.

If the back camera and flash still does not work, it is likely that the back camera is physically damaged and would need to be replaced. This will often fix the flash problem too

I hope this helps

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