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A 64.52" LED 2160p 4K UHD Television released in 2015.

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Model No.: E7011-A3E Vizio 60 in

When I turn it on the power light comes on the screen will light up but I get no picture and no sound and after a few minutes it turns back off,… Any pointers on what might need replaced?

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Can you take the back off the TV and check for any leaky or bulged capacitors? I have attached a picture for reference.

Block Image

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Hi Andrew..please give me a cupple day to do it... It's a big TV and I got to clean a spot out on the floor for it.....


@batrtn1 use tis guide as a reference: but do not solely depend on it!


@thesimpleguy getting ready to take the back of it off.. I do know that when I push the power button the power light comes on and the stream will light up I just don't get no picture.


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