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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Can I swap a working motherboard from a water damaged S9+


I have a predicament.

I have a water damaged Samsung S9+ and instead of the cost of repair was contemplating purchasing a working fully refurbished S9+ and just swapping the motherboard from the damaged phone into the refurbished phone.

As long as the motherboard is not damaged will this work.

Is all the phones data kept on the motherboard?

Will the IMEI number of damaged phone conflict with the refurbished phone?

As it is easy to take out the motherboard and cheaper to buy a fully working refurbished S9+ phone will swapping the motherboard and SIM transfer all my stored data onto the refurbished phone?

Is it that straight-forward or not?

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Also, is two factor authentication stored on motherboard and if so, will swapping motherboard over keep the two factor authentication ?


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You can swap the motherboard but you need to have a n ultrasonic board which clears the minerals of the the water from the motherboard so ultrasonic board kills all the minerals.

it should kinda work

BUt not sure about the data stored

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Thanks for that. The motherboard looks ok. Water ingress has affected the touch screen.

Managed to switch phone on and enter 4 digit pin code with difficulty.

There appears to be a red/pink line up the left side of screen and a faint wide band across bottom of screen.

The home screen came up but the touch screen not working made it impossible to select any apps.

Would connecting the phone to a pc and saving all the stored data be another option?



I have purchased a fully working Samsung Galaxy S9 and will be swapping the motherboard from the old phone to new phone.

What I need to know now is on the new phone do i need to go through setting up the phone prior to motherboard swap or do I swap before doing phone setup or does it not make any difference either way?



Thanks for the advice. the motherboard swap worked.

So a Galaxy S9 motherboard survived a full wash cycle in a washing machine just damage to touch screen only.

Purchased a mint condition S9 off ebay for £134 and having cleaned the original motherboard from water damaged S9 with 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol and swapped it over to new replacement phone and powered up the phone everything works!!!

Thanks for all the advice.


I am happy to listen this and thanks to you for supporting right to repair.


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