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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (called the Note5) is a phablet-style phone with stylus, manufactured by Samsung, released in August 2015.

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Black screen and pulsing blue led

I just replaced the battery, and it vibrates when I hold the power button, I don't know if the screen is just broken but want to try other things to see if I can get it to work before replacing it, I just have a pulsing blue led right now and nothing more

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This can be a rather tricky repair as the mental frame has to get pushed out from the rest of the mid frame which holds the OLED screen and other components. It is very likely that the Oled panel might have sustained damage but I would look closely around the edges or check the connector. If you hear sounds when connecting the charger or when getting calls then it's likely a display issue. If you don't then it could be the contacts for the power button arnt touching the motherboard.

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