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Model A1312 / Mid 2010 / 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 2.8 & 3.6 GHz Core i5 or 2.93 GHz Core i7, ID iMac11,3

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No boot, black screen after cpu change


After I changed the CPU on my iMac 2010, from i3-550 to i7-870, I get a black screen. I hear the fans turning on and off continuously. I have tried to go back to the i3-550, but it’s now the same issue, whether I boot with the i3-550 or i7-870.

Thank you in advance

Update (08/23/2021)

Sorry for commenting back a week late, I’ve been busy.

Here are the pictures of my socket

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I don't see any damage I also don't see any signs of thermal paste. So clearly you either did a good job not getting it all over or did a good job cleaning it up. Don't forget you need to put a small amount on the heat spreader cover, don't let is ooze over the edge.


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Are you sure you didn’t damage the socket or something else in the process?

At this point you need to go back to the chip and this time take pictures so we can see what you have Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

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