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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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Replaced with new logic board, tech still asking for my user password

Hello and good day. So my macbook (mabook pro 2019 i9 1tb ssd 32gb ram) is right now under repair by an authorize apple center (Power Mac), months going back and forth with apple specialist for a new logic board since my unit is under apple care+. They were basically charging me 1000$ for a new logic board, but in the end the apple specialist considered it free of charge for a new logic board.

Now heres where it gets fishy, even with an already new logic board, the techs are asking for my user password in able to reformat it, which for me does not make, or am I the one not making any sense. Its a new logic board, with new storage and yet they still need my password in able to install new OS to it.

Can someone clarify me on this? giving them my password will compromise my security and privacy and they said they cant proceed with the repair if I dont give them my password. Its a new logic board replaced already. Can someone point out if I still need to give them my password even though the logic board was replaced.

Thank you.

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@mrpotatohead - Both the RAM and flash (SSD) are soldered to to logic board so you can't swap them out. All you can do is swap out the full logic board which is what they where going to do with a fresh board correct?

Let's look at it this way... I go to an Apple Store and buy a new system, the staff there might be willing to help in setting it up or I could just take it home walking out the door! They didn't need my account info or finger to program the TouchID as a virgin system won't have the need. A fresh off of the assembly line logic board would be in the same state - Virgin!

This is sounding very odd and I would visit the store and ask them to present the system to you. I hope you know your systems S/N number as you'll need it!

Go to the About this Mac screen and check the config and the systems S/N number. The config should be what yours was but the S/N number should be different! If its the same they are playing you! If you can read the S/N off of the bottom cover it should be your original S/N!


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Your logic board has a TouchID linked to it as such you need to replace both the logic board and the button which is its mate!

The replacement logic board will have its own TouchID button which will need to be installed with it. As its a new board it won’t have any finger print linked to it. The system can be left in that state until it’s returned to you (just having the basic setup of a new system).

With that said are they trying to recover your stuff transferring from your old logic board to the new one? As you hadn’t expressed what was wrong with yours I’m not sure if thats possible. Apple has stopped offering recovery services from system.

Frankly, if you’ve been good using iCloud as well as having your own backup the need shouldn’t be there to recover anything still on your system.

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Thank you for your response Dan.

To answer your question, no they are not gonna transfer any of my stuffs to the new one, no data recoveries are gonna happen in which I signed the agreement on day 1 with there policy that they are gonna erase my macbook and install fresh macOs to it. All I agreed upon and signed the agreement.

Now months going back and forth with them with the help of an apple specialist, since my macbook is under apple care plus and that indeed there was no water damage on my macbook, I got the top case replacement, Logic board, and touch id board replacement all for free.

And now thats when they text me today, they cant proceed with formatting and conduct functionality test because they cant access those functions if I dont give them my user password which is very suspicious because the logic board is already a new and all they have to do is install a fresh macOS. Cant they proceed with that on a new logic board if I dont give them my password?


This sounds like the 2nd logic board is a recovered logic board from another system (not new)

Is this an official Apple Store or authorized dealer who has direct access to Apple for parts?

If this is a recovered logic board your Apple UserID won't help them as the iCloud lock will be the other persons UserID.

Maybe they think they can recover your logic board but thats not what was agreed to by you, Setup a new gmail account and offer that to them after you load it up with some junk so it appears to be live. I wouldn't offer then your real account info.


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Ask THEM why they would need the password, NOT us.

We are not them and have no clue what THEY are actually trying to accomplish.

Usually there is no need for them to know the password even for data recovery, you can show up in person and enter the password during data recovery. My guess is they need the device instance removed from iCloud Find My to clear the repair case.

Ask them if it is the case. If so, you don’t need to give them the password, you can just go to to do it yourself.

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Thank you for your response, yes I already asked them and no they are declining my call asking them for a technical explanation why they cant proceed to install a fresh macos and conduct functionality test if I dont give them my password despite the new logic board, new touch id board and new top case with battery already installed on the macbook.

I hope it was that simple I can just go drive 8 hours there and input my password just for that, with the extra challenge of the pandemic and lock down here in my country. And yes before I shipped my macbook to them for repair, it was a requirement to removed that on iCloud Find Device. And on day 1 I digitally signed an agreement that they will wipe my macbook and they will install a fresh macos, and unfortunately now they cant do that because they need my password, its strange because new logic board means new SSD right? no theres no data recoveries gonna happen, even its a sting on my part.


Thats why I am here on the first place for guidance, sharing my concern because I believe there are people here who might had similar experience or who are knowledgeable in reparing a macbook pro 2019 with T2 chips who might be able to educate me with my lack of knowledge with the repair of this devices. Because some technicians and authorize repair centers can take advantage of clients with there lack of knowledge and be able to proceed with incorrect practices. I almost spent 1000$ for a new logic board, because they said they found a pencil dot rust on the logic board thus was a water damage even though none of the liquid indicators was triggered. Thanks to apple care plus when they say the image it was not a water damage.


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