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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Phone issues after replacing battery with ifixit battery

So I replaced a galaxy s9+ battery with an ifixit battery. It worked beautifully for 24 hours. Then it suddenly started glitching. The screen would only intermittently turn on but when it was on there were no issues using the phone. Then the screen started flickering and turing green with lines through it. Some times the screen would turn black and I can feel the phone recognising finger inputs. Sometimes the phone will boot normally with no issue. But after a while it’ll start lagging and the screen will turn green or black. Anyone have any idea what is happening?

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But why would the screen work fine for a day? Maybe ill try and see if the cable is ok. Thanks!


There is a liquid on an LCD panel, and something similar with an OLED panel. If there is a very very small crack in the panel, it can take a.while before the liquid gets out of the panel creating a delayed reaction from when the panel is damaged to when the side effects shows up.

I doubt it would be the cable concidering how far it is from the battery connector, but it does not hurt to check.

Do you have a repair shop near by? If you are confortable opening the phone yourself, you could ask them if they have a spare screen you could connect just for 1 min to see if it fixes the problem.

If the problem persist with a known good screen, then there is likely a component the got knocked off the motherboard during the battery replacement, but it sound more like a screen issue to me.

I hope this helps.


Ok so I worked it out. The temperature sensor wasn't seated properly. It was causing the screen to initially work then green out after. Screen works completely fine!


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It sounds like your screen’s oled is damaged.

Green screen is very common when samsung’s galaxy oled are damaged, so are lines, and flickers.

It may just be a bad connection with your screen cable, but you should not of had to touched that if you were replacing the battery.

I doubt that a bad battery would cause this issue. If I had to guess from this info, I would say some damage happened to the screen shortly after the installation.

There is also the possibility of a micro component got knocked off the motherboard during the battery replacement, but it sounds like classic issues of a damaged screen.

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I've had the exact same issue based on your description. My phone started to glitch after i charged to the ifixit replacement battery. It got worse over time with green lines on the screen then flickering and a completeley black screen wich flickered occasionaly after i've preessed the start button for several times.

So i changed back to my original battery since it was still ok, it just doesnt hold charge as long.

The issues were still there so i took everything further apart but i couldn't find any issue. My guess was, that there must be somthing like an overcharge happend due to incorrect calibration.

Finally, after one day in standby and several reboot attempts, the phone started working again with the old battery, so no damaged oled as guessed in the other comment.

My guess is there is some sort of calibrating issue with the ifixit battery.

Now my phone works again, im typing this right now on it :)

So my suggestion would be to change back to the original battery and maybe try a original replacement.


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