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Can I cut off the Face-ID part of the earpiece speaker flex cable?

(I’ve previously described some issues I encountered in this post: Proximity sensor, lightning port and cellular not working all at once. - iPhone X - iFixit )

Meanwhile, I found the probable cause. After disconnecting the earpiece speaker flex cable (the front speaker is otherwise working) all other issues stopped. I think there is a short on the flood illuminator / proximity and light sensors part that is causing the other power issues (cellular, charging not working and battery rapidly depleting). Can I simply cut off the part that connects to the rest of the sensors from the flex cable? It seems an easier alternative as I wouldn’t be able to make Face-ID work again with new parts anyways.

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I would instead recommend getting a new assembly here as the proximity sensor is important for phone calls(to prevent accidental button presses while the phone is close to your ear).

iPhone X Earpiece Speaker and Sensor Assembly Afbeelding


iPhone X Earpiece Speaker and Sensor Assembly


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